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Royalty Set-up Screen

Note that Royalty Functions are no longer available with the AnyBook Level 3 program. It's all been moved to Level 4 or greater.

The royalty accounting function is one of the features available on the Level III program. It's an entire software program in itself, fully integrated so it works with AnyBook's data files. (Note that more advanced royalty features are available on the Level IV, V and VI programs) 





AnyBook Professional (Level III)
Royalty Set-up Screen *


The screen display illustrated below is where you start when you're ready to set-up an author for royalty payment.  As you can see it's a fairly easy process.  You enter the author's name and address, and then select how you want the royalties calculated . . .


         * Note that Levels IV, V and VI include more advanced royalty accounting and reporting features



This portion of the program provides a wide range of options.  Royalties can be based on cash or accrual accounting.   They can be calculated on a percentage of the retail price, net sales, or a flat amount.  Royalties can also be set up to change depending on the quantity of books sold and/or depending on the discount at which books are sold.  Over 235 different royalty combinations are available for nearly any royalty arrangement. 


Once an author is set-up, you can generate a royalty accounting report.  For a scanned image, see Royalty Report Screen.





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