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Royalty Reporting

AnyOrder Professional Levels 4 - 7

AnyOrder is well known for it's comprehensive and easy-to-use royalty accounting program. It's an entire software program in itself, including a royalty report generator, reporting databases, and innovative royalty statement module. 




Royalty Set-up Screen . . .


Because of the reputation of AnyOrder's royalty features, we often get requests to adapt the system to other types of business software.  But it was built, first and foremost, for AnyOrder, and, as such, it works seamlessly with AnyOrder's data files.


The screen display illustrated below is where you start when you're ready to set-up an author for royalty payment.  As you can see it's a fairly easy process.  You enter the author's name and address, and then select how you want the royalties calculated . . .

AnyOrder Professional 4 - 7:  Royalty Information Screen


Main Invoice Screen


The Royalty Set-up Screen provides a wide range of options.  Royalties can be based on cash or accrual accounting.   They can be calculated on a percentage of the retail price, net sales, a flat amount, or based on profit.  Royalties can also be set up to change depending on the quantity of books sold and/or depending on the discount at which books are sold.  Over 237 different royalty combinations are available for nearly any royalty arrangement.


After you enter information on a royalty holder, you can generate a report.  The next screen is a sample of a report...


Royalty Report Screen


Billing Statement


Royalty Report Screen


The screen display illustrated above is an example of a royalty report produced by AnyOrder.  The report provides you with all the important accounting details including the total number of books sold, returns, damages, etc.  It also provides you with the amount of sales.  The royalty formula and calculations are displayed along with the amount due to the author. The printed version of the report is designed so that it can be folded and inserted in a windowed business envelope.



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