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The latest version (described immediately below) can be download here.


Spring/Summer, 2019. Version 14.55 was released. Additional tweaking of the program for Windows 10. Made enhancements to pricing levels. Over the last 2 years, users have not reported any bugs. With its long history and our careful attention to user input, Version 14.55 is certainly one of the most stable, bug-free programs that we have ever released.


Late Summer, 2017. Version 14.54 was released. Added a new sorting feature to product categories. Fixed a bug in Windows >> Change Background Color and Image. When clicking the "Use Default Image" button, an error message would be triggered. Made several tweaks of the program for use with Windows 10.


Version 14.53- A new feature was added to the Stock Ordering Database Screen which allows you to select whether you want categories sorted by their abbreviation or by their name. This feature also keeps categories sorted alphabetically in the Stock Pop-up List when you want to limit the display of products to a certain category.


Version 14.52 - This update includes several small bug fixes and updates to the help system.


Version 14.51 -  In this update, we made some refinements to routines built in the program to help assure your data's integrity.   In particular, we added additional file checking at program start-up.  If any potential problems are detected, it will alert you and suggest the best way to clear it up.   Our purpose is to provide you with a full range of tools to maintain the integrity of your files and keep your data safe.


Version 14.49 - 14.50.   Our emphasis in this version was twofold:  add enhancements to the email approval system and provide users with another file maintenance feature.

        In this version, we added another way to trigger the special approval dialog box when approving PO's.  For many businesses, we think that this might become a favorite way to approve PO's.  The process is very easy and quite efficient for the approver.   Using this method, it's not necessary for the approver to open emails and click an attachment which opens the program (the current method).   In this method, once the approver notices some email requests in their inbox, they just open the program, and it immediately goes to the PO's requiring approval. 

     In addition, we also added the ability to manually delete PO's on the approver's "to-do" list, clarified some of the messages for originators, stream-lined the feature which sends emails to the originator.

      In this version, we added a new file maintenance function which re-builds the primary data files.  It's another tool among several included with the program which might be helpful if you ever have a data file problem.  Backing up, of course, is the most important procedure that you can do to protect your data, but this extra tool might come in handy at some time.  We improved error trapping in restore and back-up features.   We fixed a bug which left out measured data when copying the Item Area.  We also fixed a bug in which the approver's "to-do" list wasn't dropping off the earliest PO number when a originator was instructed to add a new PO to a list (which had reached the upper limit).

      We made a number of additions to the help documentation (which is built into the program) and worked to clarify procedures involved with email approval.  We also prepared a special help page for originators in an attempt to make the process as understandable as possible when they send approval request to individuals with the authority to approve PO's.  A new PDF manual was prepared and posted


Version 14.48 - Assuring that AnyPO is fully compatible with Citrix XenApp was one of the main purposes of this upgrade.  Citrix XenApp is secure, remote desktop software that allows AnyPO to be accessed via the Internet from any location or any operating system.  AnyPO does not have to be installed on the device accessing the program.   ( AnyPO, of course, is compatible with other remote computing applications such as the popular Logmein and others.)

     We made several enhancements to the Vendor Number and Past Vendor pop-up lists.  You can now select an option which places the cursor immediately in the multi-letter search field which may be more convenient for many of our users.   The height of the "Large" size (a user selected option) of both lists was increased so that more vendors show per page.  We also made the tab pattern exactly the same for all three pop-up lists:  press the Tab key twice and the cursor moves into the spreadsheet part of the pop-up list.  

     We also fixed a bug that was recently reported to us.  This fix will be welcomed by our Canadian and European users that utilize variable tax rates and have the program configured to automatically turn on "Taxable" on the Main Purchase Order Screen.    When the program was configured in this manner, it was pasting the default tax code, but not the customer's tax code.  That has been rectified so that proper code is pasted along with the appropriate tax rate.

     We did some more tweaking and fine tuning of the help system.   The changes were incorporated into the help system accessed from within the the program.  A new PDF manual was prepared and posted.


Version 14.46 - 14.47 - A series of new features were added to AnyPO's internal email program.   The email program now has the ability to pick up additional addresses from the Notes area.  You can click a button to select the address from the email field  -  or to select it from the Notes area - or to select it from both. 

       This verson includes one fix.  Under the right combination of settings, a PO attached to an email was incorrectly being labeled as an "Invoice."  That was fixed so that it is properly labeled as a "Purchase Order."

       If you deal with drop shipments, you'll be pleased with all of the new additions in this version.  You now have the ability to send an email to your customer and attach a packing slip or order acknowledgment (instead of a PO).

      You also have the ability to change the title of "Packing Slip" to "Order Acknowledgment" or designate a title of your choosing.  At the same time, if you use graphics on your invoices and purchase orders, you can instruct the program to use a different "top re-design" for packing slips or order acknowledgments.  Another new feature is a pop-up list of ship-to names.  The pop-up list makes it easier to create drop shipments.  

     More additions and improvement were made to the help system.  The total number of pages of the help system now has reached 500.    Our goal is make AnyPO's system the best help system out there:  comprehensive, highly illustrative, and easy to use.


Version 14.45 - We continued work on adding illustrative material and fine tuning the help documentation.  The default background of the program was changed from the "night sky" to a new contemporary blue tone.   (You still have the ability, of course, to select the your own background image and color for the program.) 

Version 14.44 - We added the ability to enter unusually long email addresses in Notes area on the Main Purchase Order Screen.   The email program will automatically pick-up an email address from the Notes area if doesn't find one in the normal Email field.  Also in this version, a bug was fixed in the generator which creates a text version of the PO which is used as attachments to email messages.   

Version 14.43 - Several of the file maintenance processes (clean and compact, re-indexing) were updated for newly created databases.  The reason for the update was a bug we identified in the code which re-indexes the email database (POEmail.dbf).  That was fixed in both the main and diagnostics programs.  

Version 14.42 - In this version, we added the ability to block the emailing of a purchase order if it hasn't been approved yet.  The feature can be turned on or off depending upon your company's policies.

Version 14.41 -  Several new filters were added to the AnyPO filter dialog box (Order Tools >> Filter Purchase Orders).  In our continuing efforts to provide the best help system available, we added more text and illustrations to the help system built into the program and the PDF manual.  One area on which we concentrated was helpful guidance on creating your own reports.

(Previous version history available on request.)










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