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Great Rift Company Nominated for "Best Vendor of the Year Award"


We are honored and humbled to be nominated for "Best Vendor of the Year Award" by InfoWorld, the well-known technology trade magazine.  InfoWorld provides in-depth technical analysis on key products and technologies for sound buying decisions. 


The article is by Ed Foster.  Foster named two big vendors as the top two vendors: Lenovo (which took over manufacturing IBM's personal computers) and CDC, an on-line supermarket for computers and supplies.  But, in his article, he included six other best vendor nominations from his readers.  We were listed third!


Here are some excerpts from the article:


InfoWorld GripeLine By Ed Foster


"When readers suggested that I balance our "Worst Vendor" poll by asking for nominations for a Best Vendor of the year, I must admit I had my doubts that such an exercise would prove very useful. After all, this is the Gripe Line, and my readers are not all that attuned to saying nice things about vendors. But it turns out to have been quite an enlightening experience, not just for who won, but for all the interesting smaller companies you may never have heard of before but might want to take a look at now.".


"Great Rift Software: 'My nomination goes to a small software house called The Great Rift Company. They produce a wonderful software product called AnyBook that caters to small book publishers like myself who need to manage day-to-day sales, inventory, and royalty data.

[Note: AnyBook is just one of our software products.  We also sell  AnyOrder for mail, phone and web order businesses, and AnyPO for creating purchase orders.   AnyBook is used as an example below but we provide the same type of service for all of our products.]

AnyBook does a marvelous job of addressing these needs while at the same time being very affordable. I migrated to AnyBook in early 2006 leaving behind a competing product that was all but abandoned by its author. I can't begin to tell you how helpful Great Rift was in answering my questions and getting me up to speed.


To my surprise, e-mail was often answered within minutes, software patches -- when necessary -- often followed within hours, and suggestions were not only welcome but encouraged. In fact, many of my suggestions are now features in the current product.
I was so conditioned to expect the worst when it comes to support that I thought this positive experience might be an anomaly. But after one year of frequent contact with Great Rift I am pleased to say that it is their normal mode of business.


They subscribe to an ethic that is long forgotten in the 'Worst Vendor' camps: They care, they value their customers, and they stand behind their product. Plain and simple. Now I know this niche company is unknown to 99.9% of your readers but if you do compile a best vendor list then I truly believe it deserves a place on that list.'"






Great Rift Great Rift Software      ServiceInnovation, Excellence, Service


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