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AnyCard: Credit Card Processing Software


Contact Information


We are happy to provide AnyCard software free of charge, but since we don't receive income from it , we can not provide support


We also can not answer questions about it. 


We are small company and simply don't have the resources.  So .  .  . if you try the program, try it with the understanding that phone or email support is not available.



Help Documentation


Although we don't offer support, we do provide you with excellent help documentation - which, by the way, is filled with dozens of illustrations.   The help documentation is built into the program.  Plus we provide a PDF manual which covers the same help information found in the program but in manual form.  


All in all, you'll find that the program is very easy to use.  The only difficult part is getting your Gateway configured.  If you run into problems doing that, we suggest you contact computer savy friend or IT personnel.



Great Rift Great Rift Software      ServiceInnovation, Excellence, Service


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