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Mountain Bike Day Trips


Be prepared when you go on your next mountain bike ride.  Here's a suggested list of items that you'll want to consider carrying with you


Thanks to Michelle Byrd and Mat Eperlding for their help in putting this list together.

◻Mountain Bike
◻Clothing (Be sure to take at least a wind shell or rain jacket in the event the weather changes)
◻Food (Snacks, energy bars)
◻Water or Sports' Drink (At least 6 onces for every 2 hours)
◻Sun Screen
◻Sun Glasses
◻First Aid Kit (See Lightweight First Aid Kit)
◻Headlight (for longer rides)
◻Matches & Firestarter in Waterproof Container (Hey, it's light & could be a life-safer)
◻Space Blanket (The kind that packs down to the size of a bar of soap)
◻Extra Tube
◻Patch Kit (glue or adhesive patches, patches, sandpaper)
◻6, 8, 10 Hex Wrench Set,
◻Duct Tape
◻Chain Tool
◻Combination Tool available at bike shops

Before Getting Underway:

◻Check Wheels (Spin wheels and make sure they are true)
◻Check Quick Releases (Quick releases should be tight)
◻Check Headset (Make sure headset is free of sand and not sloppy)
◻Check Brakes (Brakes should pull correctly and pads should be aligned on rim)
◻Check Peddles (Shake peddles & make sure they are secure)




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