Suggested Equipment List for
Day Horse Riding Trips


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The following equipment list is a guide to help you prepare for day horse riding trips.  Feel free to make copies of this list and pass out to other members in your group.


Many thanks to JoLynn Angle of Sweet Talk Ranch for her assistance in putting this list together.

Equipment for Each Animal


◻Saddle (pack or riding saddle depending upon animal)
◻Halter (include one extra)
◻Saddle blanket
◻Lead rope
◻Saddle bags
◻Old cinch (Use around trees.  Helps eliminate rope burns when necessary to tie stock to trees.)

General Items for Stock

◻Hoof pick
◻Easy boot (emergency shoe for a horse that anybody can put on)
◻First aid kit for animals (large-sized gauze, tape, elastic bandages, salve, antibiotic ointment, etc.)
◻Insect repellent for horses


◻Bring clothing appropriate for the weather, plus . . .
◻Pile shirts or jackets
◻Rain jacket or poncho
◻Cowboy hat for sun protection
◻Leather gloves

Pants Pockets

◻Matches (with striker in waterproof container)
◻Fire starter


◻Cowboy boots
◻Extra socks

Lunch & Water

◻Water container(s) & water

Emergency Kit

◻Wire cutters & extra fence wire (for emergency purposes if necessary to cut through a fence)
◻Matches (and striker in waterproof container)
◻Fire starter (solid fuel pellets, candle, pitch wood, etc.)
◻Nylon cord
◻Headlamp or flashlight (spare batteries and bulb)
◻Lightweight space blanket

First Aid Kit

◻Two gauze rolls (2" wide)
◻Moleskin for blisters
◻Two triangular bandages
◻Six sterile pads (4"x4")
◻Anti-acid tablets
◻Ace bandage
◻Bandaids-assorted sizes
◻Butterfly closures
◻Safety pins
◻Two-inch first aid tape
◻First aid book
◻Personal medications
Also see Lightweight First Aid Kit.



◻Sun block
◻Fishing gear & license





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