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for Backpack Trips


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The following equipment list is a guide to help you prepare for backpack trips.  More items are listed than you will actually need to give you an idea of some of the equipment possibilities.


Dressing in layers is the best choice for outdoor activities.  As you get warm you can take off layers, and as you cool down during breaks, you can put them back on.  The term synthetics on the clothing lists, below, refers to materials such as pile, capilene, synchilla, lycra or polypropylene.


Note also that some of the items can be shared.  The tent and stove can be split up among the party.  Repair and first aid kits can also be shared. Feel free to make copies of this list and pass it out to the members in your party.

Clothing - Inner Layer

◻Synthetic underwear
◻Inner socks (wool or synthetic)
◻Swim suit

Clothing - Insulating Layer

◻Pile shirts or jackets
◻Down or synthetic fill jackets
◻Down or synthetic fill vest
◻Wool shirt
◻Wool sweater
◻Pants (preferably synthetic)
◻Hiking shorts & t-shirt
◻Wool or pile socks (2 pairs)
◻Wool stocking hat
◻If you expect cold weather: mittens or gloves (wool or pile)

Clothing - Protective Layer

◻Wind breaker or parka with hood
◻Rain jacket or poncho
◻Hat for sun protection

Other Clothing Items

◻Suspenders, belt or webbing
◻Gaiters (if you'll be traveling through snow)


Pants Pockets

◻Matches (with striker in waterproof container)
◻Fire starter



◻Hiking boots
◻Sandals or Tennis Shoes (nice in camp or for river crossings.)
◻Extra socks



◻Stuff bags with toggles for clothing, food and gear
◻Day pack (if you plan to do day hikes from a base camp)



◻Sleeping bag
◻Sleeping pad
◻Bivouac bag
◻Tent (poles, snow stakes, fly, guy lines) OR Tarp and Groundcloth
◻Candle or candle lantern



◻Matches in stove
◻Fuel bottle (with gas)
◻Pot gripper
◻Water container(s) & water
◻Water purification system (filter & accessories, purification tablets)
◻Bear-proof food container (in bear country)


Repair Kit

◻Sewing needle
◻Nylon thread or dental floss
◻Duct tape
◻Vice grips (5" size)
◻Clevis pins (for external frame packs)
◻Bailing wire
◻Extra stove parts (gaskets for stove, fuel cap, etc.)


Emergency Kit

◻Matches (and striker in waterproof container)
◻Fire starter (solid fuel pellets, candle, pitch wood, etc.)
◻Nylon cord


First Aid Kit

◻Two gauze rolls (2" wide)
◻Moleskin for blisters
◻Two triangular bandages
◻Six sterile pads (4"x4")
◻Anti-acid tablets
◻Ace bandage
◻Bandaids-assorted sizes
◻Butterfly closures
◻Safety pins
◻Two-inch first aid tape
◻First aid book
◻Personal medications
Also see Lightweight First Aid Kit.



◻Glasses or contacts



◻Sun block
◻Headlamp or flashlight (spare batteries and bulb)
◻Extra candles
◻Rope (particularly important in bear country to hoist food into a tree)
◻Wire saw
◻Toilet paper
◻Insect repellent






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