Winter Day Trips: 
Close-to-the-vehicle Emergency Kit


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Winter Day Trips:  Close-to-the-vehicle Emergency Kit

All of the following items fit easily in a hip pack, and though it's not a lot of gear, it's a realistic load for trips which don't take you far from the vehicle--and with it you can survive a night out.  If you go more than a mile or two from the vehicle, you should carry a more extensive kit, see Far-from-the-vehicle list.


Adapted from Winter Tales and Trails.


Extra Clothing.  For a close-to-the vehicle emergency kit, carry at least a lightweight nylon or Gortex wind shell with a hood to provide wind protection, and if for some reason, your not wearing it, make sure you also carry a good warm hat.


Matches, Fire Starter, Striker and Knife.  All carried in a pocket.  Don't put them in your pack.  If you get separated from your pack, you'll have no way to get a fire going. Be sure to use "strike-anywhere" matches.


Lightweight Space Blanket.  The kind that is compressed to the size of a bar of soap.


Map and Compass.


Sunglasses.  You'll probably be wearing them, but, if not, carry them.  Snow blindness can be completely disabling


Small First Aid Kit.  Place it in a small stuff bag about the same size as the space blanket.  Include selection of items from the lightweight first aid kit, i.e gauze pads, moleskin, bandaids, butterfly bandages, and any special medicine that you need.


Power Bar. Or your choice of something which packs a lot of energy.


Water or sport drink.


◻You may also want to bring a little duct tape which can be used to make all sorts of temporary repairs including torn clothing, split shoes, broken poles and bindings.  The tape can be wrapped around your ski pole and you'll never have to worry about it again.



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