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General Information on Support


If you've recently purchased the program and are getting underway, we don't charge for support.  After the first month, we do need to charge.  It depends on how much time it takes to work through your questions.  Generally, we charge around $55 per incident or you can purchase an annual support contract for $239. 


We don't outsource support.  You get top-notched help from the people who know the program the best.

AnyPO's Built-in Help SystemBut, in most situations, you'll find that it's not necessary to seek support.  AnyPO, itself, has a simple, natural feel to it.  It's easy enough to use that some users rarely ever refer to the help documention.  Each of the screen displays throughout the program help guide you from one process to another. 

We believe that most users would rather help themselves, and we've included hundreds of pages of help documentation with the program.  The documentation covers all aspects of the program and includes helpful hints and suggestions. 

Help Button


You can reach the help documentation by clicking on the "Help" buttons found throughout the program or selecting Help > Help Documentation: Search from the menu on top of the screen.



Installation or Re-installation

Need assistance in getting the program installed? Here are more details on installing the program: Program Installation


Are you upgrading or re-installing the program?  Here is information on how to install upgrades:  Installing Upgrades.




Pages from the AnyPO Manual



Full AnyPO Manual


Complete help documentation is built-in the program.  Additionally, however, we have prepared a PDF manual which can be printed.  The content of the manual is exactly the same as the help system built into the AnyPO program except that it's been organized in manual form: More Information.



AnyPO Getting StartedGetting Started Manual & Instructional Guides


If you're just getting underway with AnyPO, the following "Getting Started" Manual may be helpful.  It includes lots of screen displays and very simple and to-the-point explanations. 


Existing Users: News & Information on Updates & Versions


We have a webpage for existing users with news, items of interest, and information on updates and versions:  News and User Information



AnyPO's Built-in Help System


AnyPO has an extensive help system built into the program.  We take great pride in the help system, and are constantly updating it, trying to make it even better.  Each year we look carefully at users' questions, and if we find that we are missing useful information, we add it or refine the existing material. 

AnyPO's Help SystemMany computer software programs have only rudimentary help information which requires you to search the web or to seek out other sources of documentation in order to run the program.

AnyPO isn't like that.  We think that full and complete help documentation should come right along with the program.  You shouldn't have to look elsewhere to figure out how to do something. 


You won't find any other software help system like this one. We promise. To give you a feel for what it's like, here's a sample of the help information on reports.  In this case, we provide snapshots of each report.   It's a quick and highly visual way to review reports available in the program.   Once you see a report that might be useful, then you can click a link for more information.  Notice how many different options and features are available with reports - and how well they are described and illustrated. 

All in all, you'll find that AnyPO's built in help system a refreshing change from most software out there.


In fact, we provide you with over 500 pages of help information.  You'll find the basics to help get you started, tips to improve your purchasing procedures, and plenty of details when details are needed.


Just a reminder that we also have the help documentation in a PDF manual.





AnyPO ReportsFor the AnyPO Level III program, we have built a series of Excel macros that create nicely formatted reports, ready for printing.  Current reports available include Vendor, PO Code, Job or Account Code, and Terms reports.  Three additional macros allow you to place purchase orders into categories and sub-categories.  The resulting report calculates totals for each group of PO's and finishes up with an overall total.   The macros are open source and can be edited if you would like to tweak them for special purposes.  More information: AnyPO Macros



InternetInternet-based Help


As we mentioned, all of the latest help documentation is built right into the program.  We think that's where it ought to be.  It ought to be in one central location so you don't have to go searching here and there for answers to your questions.  But, in event it might be helpful to you, we have also the placed the help documentation on the Internet.


This allows you to use a Google search to find information about AnyPO.  Here's a link to the index, but you can also use Google to find information:  Internet-based Help



How to Reach Us & A Note About Calling


We understand that despite all of the help documentation provided with the program, questions will come up.  If you can't find an answer to a problem, then, by all means, you are more than welcome to contact us.

You can reach us by emailing us or by calling.  You'll be happy to know that you don't have to fill out an on-line form or wade through a phone menu system.   You'll also happy to know that we take care of all support in-house.  You won't be sent to deal with someone in a remote "call center."  Rather, you'll be able to talk and/or correspond with members of our programming staff who know the program better than anyone.

Our email and phone support numbers are found here:  Contact



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