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Mary Kingsley Reading - the Anthology of the Outdoor Experience
Jack London In-class Reading
Robert Service In-class Reading

Your Assignment:   Read Mary Kingsley in the Anthology (pp. 89 - 107)


Missionary Generation.  Mary Kingsley is from the Missionary Generation.  Kingsley is British, but we'll look at this generation from an American perspective:


Missionary Generation



Born between 1860 – 1882

Idealist Type



1865 Civil War Ends
1870's Number of High Schools Double


Rising Adults
1880's & 90's Boom Era of Sports
1890's Strikes, Reformers, Evangelism


Adults & Midlife
1898 Spanish American War
1914-18 World War I
1920 Women's Suffrage - Prohibition
1929 Stock Market Crash & Depression
1933 Roosevelt's New Deal




The Missionary generation included student activists, rebellious career women, and moralizing organizers.  Members of the generation were involved labor protests and sparked the growth of religious fundamentalism.  They believed in social good over social evil.  They were the force behind prohibition and women's suffrage.  Many were missionaries and they spread Christianity throughout Asia.  When older, they were visionary leaders that shepherded the country through the Great Depression and World War II.  Examples include Franklin Roosevelt, Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Frank Lloyd Wright, Douglas MacArthur, Henry Ford


Mary KingsleyMary Kingsley

1862 - 1900
Missionary Generation


The following map be helpful as you are reading.  Both of her routes are marked in red dotted line: the canoe route on the Ogowe River to Alemba Falls and the route through the "Great Forest."

Kingsley's Travels in Africa




Jack LondonJack London
1876 – 1912
Missionary Generation


Our in-class reading was To Build a Fire


The map, below, shows the most common route taken to the Klondike gold fields.


Klondike Route





Robert ServiceRobert Service
1874 – 1958
Missionary Generation

Our in-class reading was The Cremation of Sam McGee








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