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A Free Software Program for Timing & Scoring Athletic Events

Screen Images've indicated what type of race you are running and the various categories that make up the event, you'll be ready to enter race data. To do so, you can choose from one of two methods.  The first method, shown immediately below, uses a spreadsheet format in which data is entered in columns.  (Note that the screen displays below are from a triathlon race.  RACEAID also handles fun runs, cross-country running or skiing races, bicycle races and stage races, marathons, and a variety of multi-event competitions.)

Spreadsheet Method of Entering DataRaceAid Sample Screen Display: Spreadsheet Entry Method

Or you can use the card format and fill in the blanks . . . 

Card Format Method of Entering DataRaceAid Sample Screen Display:  Card Entry Method

You can choose which method you like the best--or use both methods as you enter information on participants.

When you are ready to enter times, the Time Entry Mode is the quickest way.  You just tell RACEAID what leg it is (if your event is made of up more than one event or leg) and then type in the bib number and time:

Time Entry Mode
RaceAid Sample Screen Display: Time Entry Mode

Once the times are entered, RACEAID will quickly prepare results.  The results can be printed, displayed on the screen or exported to other software programs.  It provides over-all and category placing.  If your race made up of different events or laps around a track or course, you can prepare results based on one of the events or laps.  It will provide split and pacing times.  For team events such as cross-country running events it will score and place teams.  For stage races, it will add the times of competitors from each of the events and compile placing results. 

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