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Map & Compass: Index of Topics


The following is the first webpage of the entire instructional series (arranged in step-by-step manner) on the use of map and compass:

Starting Page: Map Bearings, Field Bearings and More

Below are the specific topics which are covered in the above series:

Map Bearings (How to determine a bearing on a map)


Applying Map Bearings to the Field (How to take a map bearing and use it in the field)


Field Bearings (How to determine a compass bearing while in the field)


There are Three Ways to Apply a Field Bearing to the Map:

Identify Landmarks (You know where you are and you want to identify one or more distant landmarks)


Find Your Location Along a Stream or Trail (You do not know where you are, but you can identify one distant landmark. This technique will pinpoint your location along a stream, trail, or ridgeline.)


Find Your Location Anywhere (You do not know where you are but can identify two distant landmarks. This technique will pinpoint your location.)

Additional Topics:

Compasses & Declination


Quick review: use of a compass on a map


Hints on making sure the parallel lines on your compass are in a vertical position


Taking a map bearing when two points are very close together


How to sight a landmark on compass with a mirror






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