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Outdoor Literature Course :  Schedule for 2016

Note:  You'll need to have Into Thin Air read by the end of the Thanksgiving vacation.  If you will be travelling, or won't have time during the holiday, you'll want to read the book sometime prior to Thanksgiving.

Tue.  Oct 11.  Pre-course Introduction.  Classroom attendance is optional.  Outdoor History.  Generations. Wilderness Concepts.  All of the information is found here:  Background Reading & Notes # 1

Thur.  Oct 13.  Pre-course Introduction.  Classroom attendance is optional.  All information is found here:  Background Reading & Notes #2

Tue.  Oct 18.  First official day of class.  Attendance required.  Discuss landscape painting concepts.  Paintings by Thomas Cole, Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Moran.  Photographs by  William Henry Jackson.  Reading assignment: read Thoreau's Walden, first chapter in the Anthology (pp 3-20).  If you do not have the Anthology yet, you can read it here: Thoreau   The Thoreau reading must be done for Thursday's class.  Additionally, Background Reading (Notes #1 and Notes #2) must be done by Tuesday's class next week.

Thur.  Oct 20.  Thoreau reading due.  Discuss Thoreau:  the concepts of transcendentalism, his experiences at Walden Pond, metaphors and symbols found in his writing, and famous Thoreau passages.  Reading assignment: Mark Twain, second chapter in the Anthology (pp. 21-29). If you would like to take a look at a couple of maps which show where the events in the Mark Twain readings take place, they are found here: Map #1. Map #2.  (Note: if you do not have the Anthology yet, you can find the reading here:  Twain.)  The Twain reading assignment is due by Tuesday's class next week, along with Background Reading Notes #1 and Notes # 2.

Tue.  Oct 25.  Twain reading due AND Background Reading Notes #1 and #2 due.  Discuss Twain readings.  Assignment: Edward Whymper and the Matterhorn, third chapter in the Anthology (pp. 30-46). A photo of the Matterhorn showing Whymper's route is found here: Map.  If you do not have the Anthology yet, you can read it here:  Whymper.  (Be sure to pick up the Anthology at the bookstore.  Because of copyright restrictions, no more reading assignments can be posted on-line.)

Thur.  Oct 27.  Whymper reading due.  Discuss the Whymper reading.  Information on early mountaineering.  Watch the first half of a video on John Wesley Powell.  Assignment:  Wallace Stegner AND John Wesley Powell in the Anthology (pp. 47-71) Maps showing where the events in the Stegner and Powell readings take place are found here: Map #1Map #2.

Tue.  Nov 1.  Stegner AND Powell reading due.  Powell discussion.  Second half of Powell video.  Assignment: Isabella Bird AND John Muir in the Anthology (pp. 72-88). Map.

Thur.  Nov 3.  Bird reading due.  Isabella Bird discussion.  John Muir discussion.   No assignment.  Prepare for Mid Course Test.

Tue.  Nov 8.  Mid Course Test.   Assignment: Mary Kingsley in the Anthology (pp. 89-107).  Map.

Thur.  Nov 10.  Kingsley reading due.  Discuss Mary Kingsley.  Discuss Jack London.  Read: To Build a Fire.  Discuss Robert Service.  Read: The Cremation of Sam McGee.  Assignment  Robert Scott in the Anthology (pp. 108-118).  Map.


Tue.  Nov 15.  Scott reading due.  Lecture on the history of Arctic Exploration.  Scott Discussion.  Assignment:  Ernest Shackleton in the Anthology (pp. 119-133). Map.

Thur.  Nov 17.  Shackleton reading due.  Shackleton discussion.  Video on Shackleton.  Assignment: Complete Reading of Into Thin Air.


Nov 21-25. Thanksgiving Holliday -  No Classes - Assigment Note: if you haven't already, be sure to complete the reading of Into Thin Air

Tue.  Nov 29.  Into Thin Air reading due.  Lecture on Everest History.  Mallory discussion.  Mallory film.  Into Thin Air Discussion.  Assignment: Aldo Leopold AND Sigurd Olson in the Anthology (pp. 134-144)

Thur.  Dec. 1.   Leopold AND Olson reading due.  Lecture on conservation history.  Olson & Leopold Discussion.  Assignment:  Edward Abbey AND Colin Fletcher in the Anthology (pp. 145 - 156)

Tue.  Dec 6.  Abbey AND Fletcher reading due.  Abbey and Fletcher Discussion.  Abbey Film.  Assignment:  Blackadar in the Anthology (pp157-169).

Thur.  Dec 8.  Blackadar reading due.  Blackadar Discussion.  Blackadar Film.  Contemporary Writers (Annie Dillard, David Hayes, Pam Houston, Ann Weiler Walka, Terry Tempest Williams, etc.).  Best Reading Lists.

December 12-16.  Finals


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