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In this part of the web page, I've tried to assemble various writings, equipment lists and informational articles that I've put together in my work in outdoor education ...

Helpful Information | Equipment Lists

Helpful Information    

The information, below, I've drawn from my books, papers and class hand-outs.  It's all stored on the Idaho State University Outdoor Program website where I originally placed it. . .

Avalanche Safety in the Backcountry. Concise, general guidelines for winter travel. 
Common Adventure Trips. This a wonderful way for clubs, schools and friends to run trips.  It's about sharing, cooperation and democracy. It's a powerful concept that few know about. 
Kayaks and Other Whitewater Craft. A primer on kayaks, whitewater canoes, inflatable kayaks and associated equipment such as paddles, flotation bags, helmets, spray skirts, etc. 
Minimizing Impact and Random Acts of Kindness for the Environment. Ways to minimize your impact on the environment.  Information for general camping, hiking, river running, climbing, mountain biking, backpacking, sea kayaking, horse packing and general wilderness travel. 
Planning Multi-day Rafting or Kayaking Trips. Some great hints: organizing your party, calculating trip costs, holding planning sessions, leading a trip and arranging transportation.
Pre-trip Meetings.  The best way to keep trips safe and avoid problems is to hold a pre-trip meeting.  It's one of the fundamental precepts of a Common Adventure trip.  Here's a brief list of topics to cover in your pre-trip meeting. 
Rafts and Drift Boats. Lots of information on: rafts, types of rafts, catarafts, dories, drift boats and associated equipment such as oars, paddles, pumps and waterproof storage bags. 
Seven Useful Outdoor Knots.  Seven versatile knots that you'll use time and time again. 
The Ten Essentials.  Don't leave home without them! 
Winter Camping: Preparing the Camp & Getting Through the Night. Lots of good advice: selecting a winter campsite, erecting the tent, preparing the kitchen, cooking, minimizing impact, getting water, dealing with cold boots, staying warm (yes!), and more. 
Yurt Manual.  This is the manual that I put together for the Portneuf Range Yurt System.  If you're planning a trip to a yurt or a winter hut--whether it's the Portneuf system (for which the  manual was written) or elsewhere--you'll find some helpful information here. 

Equipment Lists


I think it was the time I forgot my sleeping bag on a cool, late fall backpack trip when I started paying more attention to lists.  The following are some equipment lists that I've put together with the help from friends--actually lots of help from friends.  (Note that I don't take any credit for the horse & mountain bike lists.  That goes to Jo Lynn Howell for the horse list and Michelle Byrd for the mountain biking infomation). Forms of these have also appeared in some of my past books.  The lists are all stored on the Idaho State University Outdoor Program website where they were originally placed. 



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